BEST Advice for How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Pennsylvania Deck

Squirrel is one of the most common Reading house invaders. While they may appear harmless and their antics may somehow entertain you, they can definitely be a nuisance at times. Squirrels can cause several types of damages whether directly or indirectly. This may include their habit of chewing on our decks. Squirrels are not chewing on our decks simply because they love the taste of it. This action is necessary for wearing down their sharp teeth. There are various ways on how you can keep these creatures off your deck.

Step-By Step-Guide on How to Keep the Pennsylvania Squirrels off Your Deck

If you don't want the squirrels anywhere near your deck, we created a systematic guide on you can prevent them from chewing your decks. Pay attention to these guide and you can minimize the damage that they can cause on your decks.

Using Deterrents

Using deterrents is probably one of the very first steps that you can take to drive away the Pennsylvania squirrels. Deterrents are normally sold in garden stores and home depot. Some people choose the taste repellent. They believe that it can affect the senses of the squirrels. The repellents that contain capsaicin are perhaps one of the main choices in the markets. Be sure to peruse the instruction carefully before using it. You should apply a generous amount of repellent in your deck. The problem with using repellent is that you have to reapply it numerous times especially in an outdoor environment. The scent will dissipate fast especially after a torrential rain.

Clearing Your Yard

There is a reason why squirrels are attracted to your Reading property. It is probably due to your vegetable garden or the bird feeders. You will need to eliminate all the elements that attract the attention of the creature. If it is impossible to get rid of it, you may just reposition it on the other side of the yard.

Find an Alternative to Wood

As we mentioned above, the squirrels are chewing wood materials not because it tastes great. They are gnawing on hard materials to control their teeth's growth. This means that if they have other convenient option, they will not necessarily chew our decks. There are other objects that you can spread across your yard that the squirrels can use to chew. Deer antlers, soup bones, and dog bones are the best alternatives to your wooden decks.

Motion Detectors

Apart from the taste repellent, you may also install a motion-detector in your Pennsylvania deck. A loud sound will be activated once the detector has been activated. The sound has the capacity to scare these nuisance creatures. Some motion-detector device also comes with a spray that can greatly deter the squirrel activities.

Finally, you may also heighten the defense of your Reading property by installing barriers. Screened container and wire mesh can be hanged on the railings to drive away the squirrels. You may also place repellent such as mothballs on the barriers that can greatly increase the efficacy of your barriers.

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